Fathers' Day Walk To School

Catherine Woods

Starting Friday right!

This Friday, students and their dads/father figures and families will walk with staff to school along the picturesque Oyster Harbour waterfront to celebrate Fathers' Day.

Taking in the historically significant Minang Fish Traps, the walk to school from Bridge Reserve ranges through bushland and past wetlands to arrive at the school's Manley Land farm, home of the Agriculture programme.

Walkers leave the reserve at 8.00am and arrive at school at or before 8.45am. Fingers crossed for sunny weather!

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James (Your Move)

What a unique Walk to School event! The photo says it all - what more would a kid want than to adventure through bushlands and splash through the wetlands with Dad? As the event is in two days time, I'm happy to link this story to the "Run a Special Event" activity now - make sure you give us an update after the big day - lots of photos of your beautiful 'commute' please!!

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