GSG students hit the track

Karen Grammar
Great Southern Grammar School

Great Southern Grammar's Year Eleven Outdoor Education students are enjoying the freedom of mountain biking activities in our beautiful outdoors.

Above: Year Eleven student Jacob Ford enjoys some single trail riding.

Above: Tamika Arundel and Juliette McCreton-Storm practice their descent in the travel position.

Above: “It’s not all fun and games!” Olivia Millar performs some routine bike maintenance on one of the school’s mountain bikes.

Above: Lining up the bikes for a good scrub down after an afternoon’s muddy fun on the trails.

Above: How many Year Eleven boys does it take to wash a mountain bike? Four, apparently!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Karen - some great action shots there to really bring the story to life. I've given you an extra 25 points for including bike maintenance as an add-on to your off road skills activity.

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Well done Karen, it's such a great idea to get students out in the fresh air and learn bike skills and bike maintenance in such a stunning bush setting. Mountain biking is also a great way to get kids (and adults) interested in bike riding which often results in them riding more to school, to work and to the shops etc.

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