Great Southern Grammar is excited to announce the completion of our first ever whole school Hands Up Survey. To date, most Hands Up Surveys only included Junior and Middle Schools, (K-6) however, we are now successfully surveying the whole school K-12 to provide a much more accurate result, as follows. Thank you to all students, classroom and homeroom teachers for your support with the survey!

Rode/scootered/skated: 1.5%

Walked: 16.5%

Bus: 41%

Car: 41%

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Surveying the whole school is quite an achievement! It will be really interesting to see how these figures change between now and the end of the year with all the great active travel events Great Southern Grammar is organising such as the upcoming Walk and Ride to School Day.

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Katy (Your Move)

Great to see these results Claire, wonderful to see. I'd love to hear about how you offer your YM activities across your school to your students? Do your teachers utilise the teaching and learning resources for in class activities to complement celebration events? We are always open to feedback and would love to hear any ideas your school has on resource topics you would like to see.

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Well done GSG. Very positive results!

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