All students and families of Great Southern Grammar are warmly invited to our first Walk/Ride to School event of the year on Friday 28 June, with new Your Move Parent Champion, Mrs Brooke Pearson.

We are hoping to see as many students, staff and parents as possible getting active and walking or riding to school. A bus is available afterwards to transport parents back to the park from GSG.

Walkers and riders are offered a hot Milo and muffin in the Library afterwards, courtesy of the P&F.

Win a prize for your class/homeroom!

At homeroom/class on Friday immediately following the walk, teachers will conduct a quick hands-up survey to determine how many students walked or rode to school. The class with the most attendees wins!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Karen, Brooke and everyone at GSG. It sounds like you've got your W/R2SD all worked out - I'm interested in the idea of the bus back to the park. What the thought of an 800m walk back in the rain the main driver for that? Don't forget to give us all the scintillating details of how the day goes to ensure you get maximum points!

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