Regional schools supported to attend Perth Your Move events

Nikki Poulish

A special thanks to the Your Move programme for supporting the Great Southern Grammar 'Your Move Champion' to attend the Your Move Unwrapped Forum in Perth.

Albany is a five hour trip from Perth CBD and take a three day travel committment to attend a full day workshop. But the flexibility of the Your Move team to allow us to use the teacher relief support funding for a flight meant we could attend and reap the benefits from the instruction, networking and inspirational speakers.

It was such a great opportunity for us to attend and learn more about the new program structure and provide input from a regional perspective. Thank you, thank you Great Southern Grammar and Your Move!

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Glad to hear that you gained so much inspiration from Your Move Unwrapped. Great Southern Grammar students will certainly reap the rewards from having the school's Your Move Champion take the time to attend the Forum.

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We are lucky to have such a supportive school leadership team who see the benefits to students, families, community, traffic pressures and the environment by supporting the Your Move program at a local level.

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Katy (Your Move)

Your Move always offers paid teacher relief for our professional development events to try and enable as many interested teachers and school champions to come along. We were very excited to be able to extend this support to you and your school Nikki as a regional school. Thanks so much for your passion for our program and offering to be a local advocate for Great Southern Schools to get involved and make their move :)

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