What does it mean to your school to transition from TravelSmart to Your Move?

At Great Southern Grammar we have embraced the change as an opportunity to re-inspire the school community with active transport messages. Our favourite part of the message change is the tagline: More Ways to Get There. It is a great reminder that the car is not the only transport option!

Our school has a huge catchment area with some day students travelling up to 75km to school. The bus is a great option for these students, while the families that live closer to the school campus can walk or ride to school, or even park nearby and walk or ride the last part of the journey.
Keep an eye out in the GSG school newsletter, The Anchor, for upcoming YourMove events.

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Thanks for sharing your experience of making the transition from TravelSmart to Your Move. Also love that you have options for all students regardless of how close or far away from school they live. Many schools have similar issues and one option is to have a designated park close to school where students can meet up to walk/cycle the last part of the journey together.

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Yes, we are lucky to have two great 'park and walk/ride' points close to school that allow a longer or shorter walk or ride, that are now being well utilised.

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