Actively Making Our Way To The #EDUGANZA

Abbi Kerimofski

Harrisdale Primary School recently held a night of educational wonder, named the #EDUGANZA. This was a terrific event, where parents were invited to visit the school in the evening with their children for a learning journey of sorts. They ventured through their children's classrooms looking at all of the wonderful work they have been doing throughout the term.

With over 1200 students across two sites, parking at the school was minimal for the event. As the majority of students live within walking distance of the school we encouraged families to make their way to the #EDUGANZA by foot. This initiative worked well and alleviated a range of parking problems that may have been present if all families drove to the event. With a large range of families walking to our school for the event, we saw many families heading home together and chatting along the journey which was lovely.

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James (Your Move)

Nice initiative Abbi - I can imagine how much the kids loved walking with their whole family and also with friends to school and then showing them around! You have earned 10 points for encouraging walking to this event.

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