Annual Your Move Wrap Up

Abbi Kerimofski
Harrisdale Primary School

In August of Term 3 this year, we worked closely with the Heron Park Satterley office to organise a Park and Walk initiative from their main office just 600 metres away from the school grounds. This was a great success, with over 130 families coming through the Park and Walk during the first few days. Participants were offered a free hot drink and piece of fruit on their way through during the first week. This was a great incentive to kick off the Park and Walk initiative and encourage active travel for both students and their parents who walked with them to school.

In 2020, we have decided to work toward some Your Move goals to ensure that we maintain our HPS active travel missions. Harrisdale Primary School is opening a second site, named the B Hive. This is for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary students and is located a short drive away from the HPS main site. We will look to utilising the Bunnings and City Farmers carpark as a new Park and Walk location for the B Hive. Similar to the Harrisdale Primary School main site, the Park and Walk will allow students to walk to school with their parents each morning and from school each afternoon. Students in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary are required to arrive and leave school with their parents, a Park and Walk will therefore alleviate any traffic build up at the B Hive with parents able to utilise the aforementioned carparks and walk.

We are extremely excited to see where our active travel goals will take us in 2020 and future years.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - yes your original P&W seemed a great success. Wonderful to hear that you are planning to grow the idea in 2020 for your baby bees! You earned 15 points for your reflection plus 10 points for the details of next years plan.

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