Applying for a Crossing Attendant

Abbi Kerimofski
Harrisdale Primary School

Harrisdale Primary School is in the process of obtaining a crossing attendant to help both parents and students cross a very busy roundabout at the front of our school. The Harrisdale Primary School P & C undertook a traffic count to start the process for this.

In 2016, the schools’ first year of opening, we were advised that due to the location of our school, we would not qualify for an attendant. After a recent meeting with the Armadale council engineer and our local member, we were encouraged to again lodge an application. Eight parent volunteers assisted with the count, and a community member wanting to support the process.

In the morning before school, 811 cars were counted with 431 pedestrians utilising this roundabout. An amazing 63 cars were counted in the 5 minutes immediately after the school bell. In the afternoon, 619 cars were counted, along with 524 students.

The next stage is for a count to be conducted at the high school and the application to be submitted to the Children’s Crossing and road Safety Committee.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - I'm glad to hear that Armadale council and your local MP are supporting you in your application for a school crossing. Roundabouts often cause problems for pedestrians and it certainly seems like traffic is a real issue around the school. I've given you 10 points for your detailed discussion of where you are at in the process - unfortunately I can't give you points for the actual crossing and attendant until it is all in place. So please keep us up to date with how you go!

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