We recently held our Cross Country Carnival. This was a great day, with students actively participating in the Carnival as both competitors and cheering from the sidelines! It was great to see so many students on the sidelines being sun smart, in their Harrisdale PS hats and re-applying sunscreen through out the day. We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather which meant the sun was shining.

Students who competed on the day did so with amazing sportsmanship and appreciation for their other competing peers. We were lucky enough to have a team of parent supporters on the sidelines as well cheering on our students. Well done to Leeuwin (orange faction) for getting the most points and winning on the day!

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James (Your Move)

Your Cross Country Carnival sounds like a hit, Abbi 😊. Great to hear how everyone was out there being sun smart. We do love all things related to physical activity, but unfortunately can only award extra points for activities directly related to increasing active travel for the trip to/from school. So I'll have to wait for your next story before I can give you more Abbi 😉.

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