Harrisdale's 2021 Walk & Ride to School Day

Abbi Kerimofski
Harrisdale Primary School

Yesterday, at Harrisdale Primary School we held our annual Walk & Ride to School Day. Along with the beautiful weather came students happily walking, riding, and scooting into our school gates. We do not do anything in halves at HPS and this was especially evident yesterday! The City of Armadale kindly let us borrow their blender bike, where students made smoothies by taking turns cycling. Along with that, our fantastic P&C worked with Woolworths to have fruit donated for students. Our onsite after school care service, Helping Hands even provided a coffee van, where parents were able to order a free barista made coffee!

We decided to run a Hands up Survey last Wednesday to record how students made their way to school, we were then able to compare this to the Hands up Survey we ran on Walk & Ride to School Day. The data showed a 50% decrease in driving, which was amazing!

We would like to make a notable mention to our Harrisdale PS P&C, Helping Hands, Woolworths, the City of Armadale and our local member for parliament, Yaz Mubarakai for making this event possible!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - it's been a little while between stories, but you have redeemed yourself with this one 😁. It seems you, the P&C and the Helping Hands pulled together a great event. And what icing on the cake to have a 50% reduction in car trips on the day too! You have earned 40 points for the events, 20 "outstanding" bonus points, and another 20 points for all the details including the travel behaviour change results. See you soon 😊!

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