HPS' National Walk to School Day

Abbi Kerimofski

On May 27th Harrisdale Primary School took part in the National Walk to School Day. This was a momentous occasion, with 488 students walking to school! Based on a survey taken on May 10th, National Walk to School Day saw a 177% increase of students walking to school.

Harrisdale Primary School is extremely fortunate to have a supportive school community. This was demonstrated in the lead up to National Walk to School Day with Harrisdale Woolworths donating enough fresh fruit and milo for the HPS staff to distribute to each student who partook in the event.

HPS staff members were situated within a 1km radius of the school premises to meet and walk to school with students. This proved to be a successful event, with all students walking to school with a grin on their faces and a staff member by their side.

Harrisdale Primary School will continue to promote healthy eating and walking to school in the future.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - welcome to YMS! And what a grand first story. It is wonderful to hear how the support your school has translated into a successful Walk to School Day. You have earned lots of points for this post - 40 for your event, 12 for your first story, 25 for having Walking School Bus routes set up for the event, 10 for all the juicy details (banana and orange juice perhaps!) and another 10 for delving into the behaviour change success of the day. Well done!

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