Meet Heather, Our New Traffic Warden.

Abbi Kerimofski

Harrisdale Primary School has recently begun working with the lovely Heather, a traffic warden. Heather began with us on Monday, March 22nd and has already assisted hundreds of children in their journey across the road and into our school each morning and afternoon. We have been looking forward to the employment of a traffic warden for some years, and the advantages it has provided have been tremendous considering it has only been one day!

We are excited to see an increase in students actively making their way to school thanks to the assistance of Heather.

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James (Your Move)

Congratulations for securing a traffic warden and thanks for introducing us to Heather! Great to hear that you have already noticed a difference in the numbers walking to school. You have earned 80 points for all your efforts on this project and another 10 points for a great story.

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