Our 2022 Movember Campaign

Abbi Kerimofski
Harrisdale Primary School

At Harrisdale Primary School, a group of our staff members joined forces to bring to life our biggest Movember fundraising campaign yet! They pledged to have someone riding on a stationary bike for 24 hours. Along with this, students and staff participated in a lap-a-thon around the school oval during their Physical Education time. This was an amazing event, with one of our teachers securing a large range of raffle prizes and donations from local brands and businesses to assist in their campaign.

We are excited to share some quick facts about the event:

- Over 35 staff participated in either walking or riding with at least one person from each year group from Pre-Primary to Year 6, Allied Professionals, Special Needs Allied Professionals and the Admin team.

- We cumulatively moved for more than 77 hours (3 days and 5 hours!!)

- Participants walked 254.7kms

- Participants rode 1143.18kms

- Participants travelled for a total distance of 1397.88kms, which if just travelling east and not taking roads into account, the team would have made it past the town of Cook in South Australia!

We are super excited to announce that the team raised over $19,000 to be donated to Movember and their mission in supporting men's mental health.

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Emma Jack (Your Move)

Wow Abbi that sounds like awesome fun and a great fundraising effort. Congrats! We love all things that increase physical activity, but unfortunately we can only reward those that are directly related to increased use of Active Travel for the trip to school. For future events like this, we encourage you to look at ways to add in Active Travel elements - for example you could encourage staff and students to do a "park and walk" on the way to school before the sessions, or you could award extra kilometres for those who walk, ride or bus to school.

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