Promoting National Road Safety Week on Social Media

Abbi Kerimofski

During May 15th - 21st we promoted National Road Safety Week on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page acts as a newsletter for Harrisdale Primary School. With over 1200 students it is integral that we promote the wide range of resources available via SDERA including their informative videos with Izzy the Dinosaur.

At our school we have a large range of students who ride their bike to school. With so much traffic in the area it is important that students understand how to cross the road whilst on their bike, safely and successfully when there isn't a cross walk attendant.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - thanks or sharing this FB post where you have promoted Izzy and the SDERA resources to your school community 🦕 - and there I was think Izzy was a lizard 🤣! You have earned 10 points for this promo, plus 10 for sharing the background details. And yes, with 1200 students, road safety would be super important around your school.

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