Your Move Promotional Video

Abbi Kerimofski

At the end of Term 2, Harrisdale Primary School was lucky enough to be a part of a Your Move promotional video to discuss the grant we were given in 2019. This grant was 5 scooter racks, which were placed in our numerous bike/scooter racks throughout the school grounds. These racks have encouraged more students to actively make their way to school via scooter.

It has also been evident that many more students are commuting to school via scooter from our Park and Walk carpark, 700 metres down the road. Parents have found that scooters are easier to fit in a car for their drive to and from the Park and Walk carpark.

We chose 4 responsible Year 6 students who come to school via scooter each morning to feature in the promotional video. These students discussed the importance of active travel and how it sets them up to have an excellent day at school. They were extremely excited to be a part of the promotional video and can’t wait to watch the final product with their classmates and teachers.

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David (Your Move)

Thanks for your help with the videos Abbi! Please thank the students too! The videos are looking great, and we'll be using them soon to help promote our Connecting Schools grants for 2020! I'll send you the links once they're up on the website.

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Thanks so much David! We cannot wait to see them :)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Abbi - I'm looking forward to seeing these videos too! You have earned 25 points for your efforts in promoting active travel. Thanks for also giving us an update on your Connecting Schools scooter parking (you got points for this back in February, but I have given you 10 extra points for making your story a good read). Make sure you let us know of anything else you have been up to - like having planning sessions with your student team, or any YM items in your school newsletter or assemblies.

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