Healthy meetings without the helmet hair!

Heart Foundation WA

We had a meeting with our friends at Bicycling WA this morning to discuss #ridetoworkday - we didn't hesitate in strapping on the helmet and taking our 'pool bikes' for our 10 minute journey!

Finding time in the day to get the recommended 30 minutes or more of physical activity isn’t always easy. That's where active commuting comes in very handy.

By walking or cycling to meetings within the local area and/or from work daily exercise can be ticked off the 'To-Do' list.

Given the benefits to both individuals and employers, it’s surprising that more workplaces aren’t considering promoting active commuting for their workplaces.

Looking forward to our next meeting - maybe a walking one in this lovely spring weather :-)

About the author: Healthier Workplace WA staff member

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Quinny, riding to nearby work meetings is a great way to fit in a bit of exercise into your day isn't it? We love the way the Heart Foundation has a whole team of people who are posting and participating in our Your Move community. Have you checked out our pop-up brushes in the Your Move shop, they could come in handy for staff using the pool bikes?

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Hi Kylie, we are very fortunate at the Heart Foundation to have supportive policies that encourage and support staff to be active throughout the day. And yes, we love the brushes!

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