Heart Foundation Travel Survey Results

Hannah Tarrant
Heart Foundation WA

Heart Foundation Travel Survey Results

The Heart Foundation has recently reviewed the results of the travel survey distributed to staff in the Subiaco office. The findings have shed light on current attitudes and behaviours surrounding active travel to and from the workplace, and have inspired us to integrate more supportive activities and initiatives in the office!

Key findings from our survey show that the majority of staff travel to work via car – a statistic we are hoping to change over the next few months!

Team member Lisa summarised the qualitative feedback and we hope to use these infographics to spark discussion and brainstorming in the office.

Our immediate objectives are to share useful information with staff, such as the Transperth App, Your Move workplace portal, SmartParker information and local public transport routes in the area.

We also have an exciting active-travel oriented event in the works – keep your eyes peeled for updates!


The Heart Foundation team.

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Justine (Your Move)

Loving the hands and feet info graphics. Absolutely keen to hear about what the team have in the works for the next couple of months to reduce the 73% of drivers to a more sustainable amount. Keep up the great work.

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