Making the most of Active Travel with MyMarathon

Hannah Tarrant
Heart Foundation WA

The Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon is a fitness and fundraising challenge that drives you to run, jog or walk 42.2 kilometres at your own pace during October, while helping to raise vital funds for lifesaving heart disease research.

This year’s MyMarathon Ambassadors Darren Lehmann and Sarah Price have been a great inspiration for the challenge, and so far over 10,842 fundraisers have raised more than $1.8 Million – with donations open until November 30.

The WA Office Team has been working hard to fit in extra steps and raise important funds for the Organisation too, and with a collective 1,334 kilometres achieved, the Team has well and truly exceeded their target!

Utilising active travel has been a key strategy for the team, with more staff reporting use of public transport, staff pool bikes and walking when traveling to and from work, and to meetings.

Sandy, our Heart Health Coordinator for Nutrition has used the pool bikes to attend several local meetings this month.

“The first meeting was with Cancer Council and second meeting was with City of Subiaco that I used the bike for. Each commute took only 5 minutes and had great end of trip parking facilities for my bike” said Sandy.

Emma, our Heart Health Coordinator for Physical Activity has adapted her public transport commute during MyMarathon.

"I enjoy catching the train to work so I can read a book and incorporate some walking into the commute. During My Marathon I've been getting off at a station before mine to walk a few more kms" said Emma.

Hannah, Heart Health Coordinator for Physical Activity has been motivated by MyMarathon and started riding to work once a week.

“I lack confidence riding on busy roads, so often opt for the bus and train, but after attending a recent YourMove Seminar, was encouraged to ease into it by riding on the foot paths. MyMarathon gave me that extra push to give it a go, and I am feeling more confident every time I cycle!” said Hannah.

MyMarathon has been a great motivation for staff to choose active means of travel, and the YourMove Champions look forward to keeping up the momentum with staff activities, competitions and resources!

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James (Your Move)

The passion of the Heart Foundation staff really shines through in your story Hannah! You have received 25 points for motivating HF colleagues to increase their Active Travel by participate in this challenge Hannah. But on top of that you have made an outstanding story from this; especially by including the vignettes of Sandy, Emma and yourself (or another Hannah?) - and that has earned you a bonus 20 points! Keep up the great work Hannah!

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