The August Walking Challenge

Hannah Tarrant
Heart Foundation WA

The Heart Foundation’s WA office loves to support opportunities for healthy and active living – and what better way to motivate staff than with some friendly competition!

Last month, the Heart Foundation’s WA office carried out the August Walking Challenge - a month-long initiative encouraging all WA staff to make time to walk every single day.

The challenge had one simple goal: walk every day – for any length of time and distance.

With many staff still working from home, opportunities for exercise through active travel have been limited. The August Challenge served as a gentle reminder for staff to make time to move, and when travelling - to choose walking and other modes of active transport where possible.

To participate in the competition, staff were required to mark off a Walking Challenge Calendar on the days that they walked. Those who completed a walk every day could submit their calendar and go into the draw to win a $50 Rebel Sports Voucher – purchased through the Your Move shop.

Staff member Rachael, based in Karratha appreciated the challenge as it motivated her to move more in her day – I just wanted to say thank you so so so much for organising it…It was really helpful to have in my office this month. I ended up utilising walking meetings a few times on phone calls walking around the shopping centre (aircon!!) and it was really helpful to my productivity and mental health to get away from my desk and get moving throughout the day :)”

The winner of the Challenge, Jo, completed an impressive 316kms – averaging 10.2km a day! The challenge coordinators were impressed by Jo’s commitment to moving every day, choosing walking where possible, and use of the calendar to remain accountable. Below are some photos Jo snapped while walking.

The Heart Foundation plans to deliver an active-travel focussed October Challenge – so stay tuned!

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James (Your Move)

First up, I just have to saw that Jo looks like she is doing it pretty tough with a walk like that - but whatever it takes, hey? - 316km is an impressive result! Great to hear that the participants enjoyed it so much too. You have earned 25 points for setting up the walking challenge and a bonus 10 for making it such a good read. Can't wait to hear about October's AT challenge!

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