What is driving your need for parking?

Erin Moody
Heart Foundation WA

I attended the Your Move Parking forum at Albert Facey House. Yes, I took the train.

Parking isn’t a right, it is a privilege and one that comes with responsibility. Parking isn’t free and as the Your Move reminded us at the August Parking forum it is in fact very, very expensive. It could cost upwards of $70k per bay. What could your local authority or business do with that budget? Something good?

Parking needs to be a part of many business plans but, that doesn’t mean planning for lots of parking it could mean planning out parking.

Do you need to drive to your destination? Really? Maybe you haven’t explored other options. You could make the chore, that you think requires a car trip, an outing instead. Enjoy the journey, bring a friend and make a day of it – without the car.

I learned a lot and from the buzz around the tables and in the hall afterwards it was a good event for everyone who attended. I walked back to the office in Subiaco, I didn’t need to find my car or pay for parking.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Erin, thanks for your reflection on the August YM forum. It's good to hear that the forum provoked a lot of discussion. I relinked the story to the "Attend YM Forum" activity. You received 50 points separately for attending the forum. You had linked it to the pool bike activity - let me know if the HF has implemented a bike pool scheme and you can get points for that activity too.

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James (Your Move)

PS I gave you 10 bonus points for making your story a worthy read.

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Good morning James, thank you. Yes the Heart Foundation has two share bikes and we all have access to them, complete with helmets. My story did have a sentence in the first block mentioning this but it vanished when I 'approved' the story. Not to worry my aim was to comment on the YM forum so that is a success and, as my very first story of this kind, I am pleased that it hit the mark for someone. EM

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Thanks Erin for being our roving reporter at this event! We're supporting international PARK(ing) Day (20 Sept) as a fun way to start a conversation about how we use our streets. If anyone is getting involved in their workplace we'd love to hear about it. Get in touch if you need support to promote your efforts - I'm happy to send you a quote or media release you can tailor for your workplace..

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