Bike Dr Fletcher on the Hill!

Rachael Roberts

How lucky were we to make use of the Your Move offer to have a bike mechanic for a day! First we sent out a call to our school community asking how many people had bikes that needed repairing. Our school community were thrilled that they could get some much needed bike maintenance done to help them continue to use their bikes for active travel.

Bike Dr Fletcher arrived at 8am to set up for the first bikes to be rolled into school at 8.30am for repair. Families left their bikes in our bike racks for the day with a note and a phone number and Fletcher left them a note with what he had done.

We held this event on Cruiseday Tuesday so that students could get speak to Fletcher at recess about their bikes and still get in a ride at lunchtime. There were a few pedals that had fallen off and brakes not working as they should.

We didn't know how well this new initiative would be received. The good new is that Fletcher was able to get 14 bikes back on the road. Thanks Your Move and thanks Fletcher. The Year 5's have made a video about our new bike and scooter racks and interviewed Fletcher about life as a bike mechanic - so watch this space after the editing has been done.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for letting us all know how your Super Boost package worked out Rachael 😊. It looks like you chose well - 14 Hillcrest bikes back on the road is a real success story! I'm looking forward to seeing the video. You have earned 40 points for letting us know about your Super Boost Bike Dr session and another 10 points for a great story.

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