Hillcrest Primary School has kick started Your Move in Term 3 with the announcement of Cruiseday. Every Tuesday students can bring their bikes, scooters and skateboards to school and use our new bike path, as long as they have their helmet on. They are learning how to safely "cruise" while navigating other users, obstacles and a roundabout. This decision was taken after the resounding success of a similar one-off event in March 2020.

Our new Cruiseday event is run at recess and lunchtime every Tuesday and has been advertised on social media and in our school newsletter. This is the first time we have introduced a regular Your Move event into the school calendar. Our school purchased some ramps to be placed on our Your Move circuit, to add to the fun and increase students skills and aptitude.

There were a few spills and a lot of fun was had across Years 1-6. Administration staff have taken on the supervision, set up and pack up. We are are interested to see if this regular school based activity will increase the overall number of students choosing to cruise to school, with a helmet on, as the weather improves. With our points we have our eye on that lockable scooter rack, as our first Your Move points reward!

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James (Your Move)

Brilliant stuff Hillcrest! It looks like the ramps are a real hit.I really like this idea of having a recess/lunch in-school 'cruise course' to encourage active travel to and from school - it will be very interesting to hear of the results. You have earned 90 points for your term 3 regular AT day, 22 points for having a YM item in your newsletter and a bonus 10 points for making it a good read.

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