Fight for Planet A and setting goals.

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Is there another Earth out there? Year 4 students watched sections of Fight for Planet A to do with transport and climate change. There was a lot of discussion about Earth and if there could be other planets to live on. There was also a lot of discussion about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Students enjoyed completing the worksheets for this activity, considering the environmental impact of different forms of travel. The most interesting part of the activity were the comments related to goal setting. We recorded the different ways students travel to school at the beginning of the lesson and talked about different transport options for students who live a long way away or are driven to school everyday. When writing their goals, it became clear that many students would like the opportunity to use a transport option other than a car.

One student wrote "I want to ride to school on the bus on my own. Air pollution is not good and I want to be more fit, responsible and independent. I want to achieve this goal because it would give more time for my Mum".

Another student wrote " I don't really ride to school so it would be nice to just ride and walk". Or this sentiment "It will help the environment slightly but if everyone does it it will help the environment a lot". A number of students also expressed a desire to learn to ride a bike better so that they can they can ride with their friends.

Students also set achievable targets, such as "I will walk halfway or more three times a week". This was to reduce traffic congestion around the school and for students to get "good exercise for kids so they are not just sitting down". We will continue to track changes for this class and if they achieve their goals.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for sharing so much of Hillcrest's "Planet A" experience Rachel. In line with our promotion you received 100 points for running this timely classroom activity. I have also given you a bonus 10 for making it such a good read and another 5 for including so many student comments. I really love that at least one student out there is thinking of his or her mum when planning to get to school more independently - I think I'll try this activity with my eldest son too!

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