I would give up anything (except Star Wars) to do it all over again

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Year 5 Sophia Kennedy has written this review of her two days at the Your Move Millennium Kids Leadership Lab.

The first day I got there I loved it! The activities were so cool. My favourite one was where you had to create a poster to encourage people to ride to school. I also liked the Transperth bus speaker and activity.

The second day was even better! Our team felt that safety concerns were preventing parents letting students use active transport to get to school. Krish came up with an idea for an app and we put our other ideas into the Safety App. There is a photo below of how his idea started out on paper. We added features to it, like that students can track where a walking buddy or walking bus is and alert parents if they feel concerned. It has lots of other cool features.

I loved planning the 2 minute pitch and I was so shocked when my team chose me to say it in front of everyone. My team mates Riley and Krish helped me prepare. Marli and Ruby did the artwork and Ianto and Lucas assisted to get everyone organised.

At the last minute I got so nervous but everybody was so encouraging in my team. I think I did pretty well and I was even more shocked when we won! It was the best thing ever.

I learned so much and I have ideas for the future. I would give up anything (except Star Wars) to do it all over again. Thank you Your Move and Millennium Kids for such a fantastic two days. Hillcrest Primary School students are so grateful and can't wait to ride in the driverless bus!

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James (Your Move)

You have done a brilliant job of capturing the fun and excitement of the Leadership Labs Sophia. Great to hear that you have identified safety concerns as an issue and have come up with some ideas to address that. Maybe the team can work on this a bit more back at school? You have earned 70 points for attending the sessions, 20 points for your in-depth story and another 5 because YOU wrote the story (rather than an adult) 😊.

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