Our Grant Success with Your Move!

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

In 2020, Hillcrest Primary School engaged in a range of fun activities to get our school community moving. We also told stories about all of the projects underway. At the same time we noticed that our bike racks were no longer adequate for all of the moving that was underway.

So we set our target to access a grant for more bike racks and our first scooter rack. We have a lot of smaller students who enjoy scootering to school with their parents. By the end of the year we had reached our goal and enough Your Move points to get our racks. They were also installed by the Your Move team. Our school is very proud of our efforts and the result is pretty cool too! Thanks Your Move for your inspiration and your support.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rachael - great before and after shots! I'm glad that your hard work in 2020 paid off in so many different ways and now the improved parking will make it even easier to ride and scoot to Hillcrest. You have earned 80 points for upgrading your bike and scooter parking and a bonus 10 for giving us all a good read. Catch you soon!

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