Pitching Our Active Transport Idea

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

After returning from our Millennium Kids Leadership Lab, our Your Move Team of students has been pitching their idea in our community.

The first pitch was at our School Assembly to teachers, students and parents, explaining about the Leadership Lab and the project they were developing. And their win!

Today our Your Move Team organised to meet with City of Bayswater Mayor Dan Bull to explain their Active Transport idea. They sat down and thought about the questions he might ask and the information they needed to provide. They used the Millennium Kids pitch model they learned at the Leadership Lab - providing data, information about the problem and their proposed solution.

Mayor Bull was very interested in the data that they had collected and what it might mean. He asked them some very good questions.

While talking to the Mayor, our Your Move Team started to think about collecting more data from parents about why their children don't/can't get to school using active transport. They started thinking of ways to meet with parents and discuss these barriers and pitch their idea to see if they think it would help.

Our Your Move Team also started to think about what they need to turn their idea into reality. It was a really fun hour for everyone and a lot of information and ideas were exchanged. Thank you Mayor Dan Bull!

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James (Your Move)

Love that photo 😂! Great to see the team engaging with the Mayor and to hear that he was so receptive. They have earned themselves 40 points for their efforts and you have earned 20 points for your detailed story. I look forward to hearing how the ideas develop.

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