Planning 2022

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

What a big year we have had at Hillcrest PS this year with Your Move! Our new scooter and bike racks have been getting a good work out - we even have a student on a micro mobility device (electric scooter) bringing us into a new age of transport.

We were very lucky to have a Your Move Bike Mechanic come and make sure student bikes are in tip top shape - very important when you are a school on the crest of a very steep hill. Our Cruiseday Tuesday has been a fun place to be all year, with our Year 5 Green Team creating a new cross country bike path.

Our favourite event of the year was the two day Your Move Millennium Kids Leadership Lab, where our students won the Pitch with their idea. Our prize was an excursion on the RAC Driverless Bus and to visit the Old Mill in South Perth. What a great prize! This is a free excursion and we would encourage all schools to visit.

Our Millennium Lab experience had resulted in a change in focus by our Green Team students. Our students analysed our Your Move survey data over the last three years and decided we need to know more about the barriers preventing students using active transport to get to school, and if technology could provide any solutions.

In 2022, we will use a Your Move Teacher Relief day for students to design a survey for parents, to better understand active transport barriers - apart from the obvious of being on top of a very steep hill! We will also use a Your Move grant to analyse if Smart Watch technology can be successfully used to increase student uptake of active transport options. We are looking forward to a year of collecting information and data to better understand active transport in our school, ready for the future.

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Oops - tip top shape!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rachael - thanks for your thoughful reflection on the year (and no worries, that little typo has been fixed 😊). I think it is the first time this year you have mentioned your Cruiseday Tuesday - remember that if you give us an update each term on a regular active travel day you can get 90 points (I have just given you this for Term 4). Likewise for the team meeting - each term you can get 10 points for an update. I have also given you 15 points for your reflection activity on the year and 20 points for a detailed and engaging story. I look forward to hearing how the new direction develops!

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