Poster Up For WOW Day

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Year 4 students have started a Save The World Club and building a better world is securely in their sights. They have the whole school fired up to see if we can reduce our carbon emissions from transport on Tuesday 15th September 2020.

We have run one Walk Or Wheels day before, where the whole school is encouraged to choose a method of transport other than a car to get to and from school. Year 4 students have decided to coincide the WOW day with our Cruiseday, to really get the message out there that car use is linked to greenhouse gas emissions and saving the environment.

In preparation for WOW day, students have looked on Google Maps to find the distance between home and school - which is a great way to learn about maps and transport options. With this information, students can calculate the amount of greenhouse gas emissions they avoid by leaving the car at home. This can be done by multiplying the distance to school x 2 (both journeys) x 182 grams of carbon emissions avoided (per kilometre). Maths, mapping and saving the planet. Watching Fight for Planet A really assisted students to understand the issue.

Students from this Year 2 class have been making WOW posters to spread the message in school and at home. Many have been learning how to draw a bicycle as well!

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James (Your Move)

It sounds like it is all happening at Hillcrest PS! Wonderful that the year 4s have taken on the goal of reducing carbon emissions - their team meeting to plan the big day has earned you 10 points too. The year 2s poster activity also earned you another 15 points. Was the google maps maths lesson part of the lesson in your previous story ( Local Transport, Global Impact) or was it a separate lesson? Make sure you let us know how the big day goes! PS you also earned a bonus 10 for posting another engaging story.

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Thanks James. Google Maths lesson is a new addition to our Your Move project. We are giving students the skills to use this great tool and utilise all of the information you can access on Google Maps about transport options. It will be the start of our data collection strategy.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the clarification Rachel, yes there is lots to work with in Google Maps. I have just added another 15 points for your Google Maps lesson.

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