Ride2School Day

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Our Hillcrest Primary School Your Move Team organised a fabulous school wide promotion for Ride2School Day on 13th March 2020. This included being the school chosen by the Road Safety Commission to publicise the event across WA. Signs went up in our school and social media got the message out there.

To add to the fun, we organised our first school bike course, across an old basketball court, through our Mallajba Vegetable Garden, across country under the trees and back. Years 1-3 took to the course at recess and Years 4-6 at lunchtime. Student leaders and teachers supervised.

A large number of students participated in the events for the day. The cross country bike course was a huge success. Students had a lot of fun and it was a great way to improve their bike skills and fitness. Due to this success we are now planning to open the bike course once a week at recess and lunchtime.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Rachel - and welcome back to YM for the new decade! Hillcrest clearly got off to a blast of a start for 2020 with a successful R2School day. I love how you incorporated the veggie garden into the cross country bike course. Your bike day earned you 40 points (I relinked your story to the Ride to School Day activity), your bike course added another 30 points and I also gave you a bonus 10 points for sharing so many details of how it all worked. Hope to see you again soon on YM!

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