Smart Watch Trial to get Moving!

Rachael Roberts

Hillcrest Primary School Year 5 Green Team won the Your Move Leadership Lab facilitated by Millennium Kids in 2021, with a technology solution for our schools failure to increase the number of students using active transport to get to school. Our students looked at our Your Move Survey results and noticed that despite our events and education, the percentage of students using active transport had not increased. They planned a project to trial Smart Watch technology in our school. Due to COVID this semester we have been a little delayed in getting started!

By the end of 2021 we had secured a Your Move grant to purchase smart watch technology. Students researched different options and decided to go with Moochies. We managed to secure a very good price for the watches! Hillcrest PS spent Term 1 designing a parent/caregiver survey to collect information about the barriers parents/caregivers felt prevented students using active transport to get to school.

In Term 2 2022 this survey has gone out to students and at the end of the term, based on the details provided, 8 families will be selected to trial the Moochies Smart phones. We are particularly interested in identifying those families where safety of children has been a barrier to active transport.

In Term 3 and Term 4 2022 we will ask those families selected to provide records of the number of times students use active transport to school and feedback on the technology benefits in decreasing reliance on car travel. We will keep you posted about our results and thank Your Move for this opportunity to put our idea into practice!

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James (Your Move)

This looks like a very interesting trial Rachael - and, by the way, welcome back to YM for 2022 😁. When it rolls out I'll be interested to hear in more detail how you are using the technology. Was is a Connecting Schools grant that you used? Or was it something else? Either way, you have earned 40 points for accessing this grant and 60 points for conducting a parent survey on AT barriers at your school. You have also earned 10 points for sharing all these details of your project so far.

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