Why Your Move?

Rachael Roberts
Hillcrest Primary School

Hillcrest Primary School has joined "Your Move" as a result of an item raised by members of the Year 6 School Council.

Students who ride and scooter to school have a bike rack but no shelter for their bikes and scooters from the weather and rain. This is reducing the number of students who are willing to ride and scooter to school as parents do not want their bikes and scooters left in the rain over winter.

The School Council will work with the school to find an appropriate location and secure the funds to install a shelter and this will be their gift to the school community for future years.

While undertaking this goal, the School Council will be discussing at their next meeting different ways to promote non-car travel to the whole school community. They are planning to set up "Your Move" meeting points for getting to school and getting home; make short videos of student’s experience of riding to school; talk to the school about reducing access for car drop off and pick up for older students to ease congestion; having a scooter day; having a breakfast club for students who walk, scooter or ride a bike at least some of the way to school; and put out an ideas box for other students to contribute.

The next school newsletter will outline the coming activities and encourage non-car transport to school, because it is fun to travel to school with your friends from a designated meeting point.

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What a fantastic, inspiring story Rachael. It's great to have you on-board and it sounds like you guys are going to kick some real goals and progress up the leader board very quickly. (just one tip - if you draft your stories in Microsoft word, make sure the text is just the standard Calibri and the font size is 11, so it doesn't go all big and funky on the website!) .. cheers Trev

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David (Your Move)

Hi Rachael and welcome aboard! What a great reason to get involved with the Your Move program, and even better to hear it's a student-led initiative. We really look forward to hearing more about you journey. Don't forget to search our activities page for ideas that will match up with the plans the Student Council is already making. This will help you create an activity plan, and give you more reasons to continue writing great stories like this one. Keep up the great work.

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James (Your Move)

It looks like the Thunderbirds are GO (oops - showing my age now!). It's great to see how well your Student Council seems to have linked into YM. I've given you an extra 12 points for writing your first story and also 10 points for sharing so many details. Make sure you let us know how your 1st planning session goes and also when you do publish something in the school newsletter - as they are both YM activities that are worth points.

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