Hollywood Primary First Hands Up Survey Part 2

Kristen Gardner
Hollywood Primary School

Further to our previous post regarding Hollywood Primary's First Hands Up Survey conducted in week 10 of Term 1, I thought it would be useful to include some more information about how and who conducted the survey, and lessons learnt/ reflections on the experience for future survey purposes.

The survey was conducted by members of the year 6 leadership team. The leadership cohort currently has 4 rotating roles: Business and Enterprise, STEAM, Sustainability and Sports/Faction Leaders. Given the eagerness and great leadership qualities exhibited by the current year 6 cohort, it was considered appropriate that in the future the Business and Enterprise and Sustainability teams take an active (ongoing) role in promoting Hollywood Primary as Your Move school.

Activities suitable for the leadership teams (in addition to the survey) include, blogging the Your Move experience on the Your Move website and in the school's eNews and updating the school on progress with the Your Move Program at each school assembly.

With a very busy start to 2019, the first Hands Up survey was carried out by a small number of year 6 leaders and later entered into the Your Move system. As the survey was carried out in week 10 of Term 1, and with the school holidays looming there were a number of children away from the school on the day of the survey, lowering the response rate.

When the school repeats the experience in Term 4 or in future years, it will conduct the survey earlier in the term which will hopefully increase the survey response rate. The need to conduct the survey over two days to ensure both Kindergarten groups were captured would also ensure a higher response rate.

Despite these limitations, the survey carried out in week 10 of Term 1 2019 proved an interesting (and informative) base line of Hollywood's current mode of transport picture.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the interesting details of how your student team will operate. Once you get your team together you can write a little story introducing the team and earn points by linking it to ''Start a student team and have your first meeting" activity. For now though you have earned 10 points for the above details and 5 for your reflection on your HUS.

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