Hollywood Primary Your Move First Post

Kristen Gardner
Hollywood Primary School

Hi my name is Kristen Gardner and I am the Your Move champion for Hollywood Primary school for 2019. My husband Tom and I, along with the Hollywood Primary’s Parents and Citizens Association and teaching staff are excited to be involved in the Your Move program and hope to increase the use of active modes of transport at our school.

A key requirement to increasing the use of active modes of transport, in particular the use of bikes and scooters by our students, will be addressing the lack of suitable, secure and weather proof bike and scooter storage at our school. With an ever expanding large teaching hospital and private hospital situated on the school’s border, non-school related traffic and congestion is on the rise.

The Your Move program is seen as an opportunity for the school to reduce its traffic footprint in the neighbouring area while at the same time promoting the health benefits associated with active modes of transport.

Car access to the school during Term 2 is significantly impacted by the construction of a new roundabout by the local Council on the corner of the school grounds, increasing the opportunity and need to encourage alternative transport modes for journeys to and from the school.

We look forward to surveying parents from Hollywood Primary and obtaining their views on the school’s transport issues during Term 2, and will update you all on the results of this survey and the school’s plans to address these issues shortly.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome Kristen! Well you seem to be off to a flying start with 3 stories under your belt in a single day. Thanks for sharing some of the background to Hollywood's transport situation (the details earned the story an extra 10 points). It's great to hear that you are working with the P&C and staff too - YM is best done as a team effort, so you really are off to a good start.

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