Walk Safely to School

Jacinta Hibbert

A very big thank you to the 113 students who participated in Walk Safely to School Day from K-Year 6. It was a fun morning with music, stickers, participation certificates, students walking laps and skipping. We even had some parents showing off their skipping skills. Some students also created a walking bus by holding shoulders with the person in front, so fun! A very special thank you to all the parents who baked and donated healthy fruit muffins for our students. They were so yummy and enjoyed by all students. Congratulations to room 12 for the most participants with 17 students. Closely followed by room 14 with 12 participants, and in equal third place was room 15 and 16 both with 11 participants. The year 6 faction leaders did an awesome job setting up, skipping, collecting data and serving food! Mrs Hibbert encourages all students to continue to walk to school even if it is just once a week! Keep up the healthy habits everyone and thank you for your participation!

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James (Your Move)

Wonderful Jacinta! Great that you had 113 kids joining in. And it seems so much fun was had 😀. You have earned 40 points for the day, plus 10 for giving us all the inside details and another 5 for sharing your participation numbers. I think you might be owed some more points too - are the year 6 faction leaders acting as a Your Move Team (ie do you meet regularly to plan activities together, or was this a once off?). Also let me know if you put a version of this story in the school newsletter.

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