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Natalie Sims
Holy Spirit School

Due to my interest in the Travel Smart role in the P&F Committee, I invited Carol-Ann Prinsloo to our committee meeting on 10 October 2018 to present Your Move. The Committee was very interested in what the program had to offer and decided to create the Your Move role as part of the Committee, which I now coordinate. This is a great example of how we can utilise the services of the YM Program Officers to get a head start! Thanks Carol-Ann for your time and assistance :)

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David (Your Move)

Great stuff Germaine. We agree, it's a really good way to use the Your Move Officers to share knowledge and expertise on how the program works. I've given you 15 bonus points for the innovative idea of creating a role within the P&F to coordinate the Your Move program. It will be so helpful to Holy Spirit to have an enthusiastic parent to help run the program. Hopefully you can get some teachers and students involved in your team in 2019!.

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It was my pleasure to attend your P&F meeting Germaine. It is wonderful that you are so committed to getting the Your Move Program up and running at Holy Spirit PS and I am super excited to continue to work with you and your school community in 2019.

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