Breakfast is Served...

Germaine Whiteaker
Holy Spirit School

We contacted our local council, Town of Cambridge prior to our Ride2School event to seek funds for our breakfast. All we had to do was conduct a hands up survey n week prior to the event and another on the day. The surveys are easy to conduct and provide valuable information regarding the way students travel to school. Our student team completed the survey form which was taken into each class room at the beginning of each required day. Funds were granted as a reimbursement by providing the two completed surveys and the receipts for breakfast items purchased. Here are some pics of our Ride2School breakfast!

We plan to meet with our council’s Sustainability Officer, Sue Waite, in the near future to discuss any other sustainable transport initiatives we might like to get involved in.

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James (Your Move)

What a great team the Town of Cambridge and Holy Spirit make! I've given you 10 points for sharing the details of how the ToC breakfast sponsorship system works - thanks.

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What a fabulous spread! Great to hear you are working closely with your local council.

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