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Natalie Sims
Holy Spirit School

Holy Spirit School City Beach is a wonderful education facility given life through the interest and enthusiasm of our parents, teachers and students. Our P&F commitee has previously been engaged in activities to promote active transport within our school community.

We participated in the annual Ride 2 School events. This year's event included a free breakfast for all the families thanks to the Town of Cambridge. We ran a raffle for all the children who particpated by either riding their scooters/bikes or walking to school. The raffle was drawn at our school assembly and prizes were given to the lucky winners.

We are now looking to the Your Move program to take us to the next level in raising awareness in active transport.

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David (Your Move)

Welcome aboard Holy Spirit! Great to have another school involved with Your Move. We're very much looking forward to hear what you get up to next. I've given you 5 bonus points for reflecting on what you've done in the past and also for having P&F involvement. The best way to get Your Move going is to have a great team of students, parents and teachers. Also, it's awesome when you can get the local government on involved, like you did with the Town of Cambridge. Excellent stuff!

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