1/2 Day Relief (1)

Danielle Howton

Thank you to Your Move for the 1/2 day relief for planning.

The 1/2 day was an extremely beneficial time. A template was constructed and the Your Move team leaders conducted the "How Did You get to School?" survey with each class.

The results were disappointing with a high percentage of students arriving at school via car.

At Honeywood Primary we already have a "Wheels on Wednesday" where students bring their bikes, scooters or skateboards to ride around a set path around the school during first and second break.

After conducting the survey, entering the results on the Your Move website and analysing the results, the remainder of the 1/2 day was used to plan ways to increase bikes, scooters and skateboards being ridden to school or students walking to school. A brainstorming session was conducted with the Your Move Leaders.

Of the many events planned the first initiative is to increase "Wheels on Wednesday" to two days per week. This is to be implemented as of the beginning of term 2.

Thank you again to Your Move for providing the relief to allow us to plan for the year.

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James (Your Move)

Well done for getting so much done with the half day relief! For having your first student team meeting, you have been given 60 points and I have added 10 points for a good read.

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James (Your Move)

Yes, sometimes survey results can be disappointing - but you have done the right thing to brainstorm where the issues might lie and how to address them. Have a look at the activity "Define your issues and make a plan" - I think you have pretty much done that - if so, post a story with the details of the outcomes and you'll be up for some more points!

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