Acquit DOT Grant - Honeywood Primary

Merinda Smith

Just a little update on how we have been using some of our Your Move grants to equip students with the passion and skills necessary to become lifelong active travellers and learn bike safety skills at the same time.

Last year Honeywood Primary won a Connecting Schools Grant for 4 x 1 hour bicycle lessons for 60 students! We are always on the look out for Your Move grants and make sure we snap them up as they become available.

The trouble is: this only covered us for three out of our 4 Year 3 classes and didn’t include hiring bikes for students without a bike. Luckily, BikeSense were great at working around this and adapted the sessions so all 4 classes could be included. YouMove also allow schools to use their reward points to top this up, so we have managed to get ALL of our Year 3 classes in and cover bike hire for students who do not have access to a bike which is over $3500 value!

It was great seeing their skills develop and practising their turning, hand signals and braking safely. Their tentative hand signals developed into confident and safe skills by the end of the first lesson!

They learnt how to safely check their helmet is on correctly with 2 finger gaps above their eyebrows to their hat, 2 finger gap under their chin for the strap.

We also learnt the ABC method of checking their bike is ready.
A= Air. Check by feeling tires and it should feel like a ripe apple.
B = Brakes. Press right & left (if you have left) brake and you should not be able to move your bike.
C = Chains. Chains should be black and sticky. If orange in colour they need oil.

It was so great to see an increase in confidence in skills over such a short time! We even had students who did not know how to ride start to peddle on their very first lesson!

Thank you to Chris and the team at CycleSense for the support in putting this together as it was the first time I had organised Bike Education for our Year 3s. They were also quick to adapt when we got rained out on the first day! Would definitely have you again!

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Rebecca (Your Move)

Hi Merinda. Where there's a will, there's a way! 😉 Well done for finding solutions! So glad all the Year 3s got to do their bike ed. Looks like it went super well, too. (No horizontal bikes in the pics!! 🤣) 20 points for an informative story and the update. 🚲😊

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