Additional Bike Racks

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Due to the success of our Wheels Days three days a week we have many more students riding their bikes to school.

Honeywood Primary School has been open for 7 years now and although we have purchased additional bike racks to cater for the bikes to be stored at school, we have run out of bike space again.

All the staff were on the look out for any free bike racks in the community, as many older schools are often giving them away. As a school we have found the older bike racks to be the most suitable.

An advert was put up on marketplace for a free bike rack which we were lucky enough to successfully obtain.

A message was sent to the parent community to ask if anyone was able to help out with pick up.

We are extremely fortunate that a wonderful parent volunteered his time and truck and picked up the bike racks for us, and delivered it the school.

To keep all of our bikes safe within the school fence we have organised for a gate to be moved to enclose more space for further bike racks.

The bike rack has been placed in this area ready for when we are able to move the gate for more security, as you can see in the photo.

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James (Your Move)

Nice work everyone - and what a super result 😁! You have earned 80 points for these bike parking improvements, 40 points for your Wheels Days this term and 20 points for sharing the background story to how the parking came about. Great to see you hitting gold 🥇too Danielle!

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