Bike Education Lessons

Danielle Howton

Bike Education Lessons commenced for year 3 and 4 students despite the terrible weather including hail. The classes worked in the undercover area and focussed on how to wear a helmet correctly, how to use brakes safely and safe bike riding skills.

The sessions will continue for the next three weeks for all year 3s and 4s.

Students are encouraged to bring in their own bike and helmet for the lessons.

Bikes are available to use if the students do not own a bike.

The 4 Bike education lessons are free thank you to a grant provided by Your Move and People on Bicycles.

The scary part was the number of students who are unable to ride a bike at all. We are hoping by the end of session 4 this will no longer be the case.

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James (Your Move)

Hi again Danielle! Looks like the bike ed sessions followed on well from the tune-ups. I think I no time you'll have those first timers up and rolling! That's 10 points for sharing this extra update on your Superboost grant 😄.

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