Bike Safety Checks

Danielle Howton

Honeywood Primary School was lucky enough to be granted a 2022 Super Boost grant from Your Move: Bike Safety Checks.

Thirty student's bikes will be able to receive the 20-minute Bike Safety Checks conducted at school.

If additional work is required to make the bike safe to ride this will be indicated on the Mechanical Checklist Form that will be attached to each bike after it has been checked.

All students from years 3-6 will be asked to write a persuasive argument as to why their bike should be chosen to have a free 20 minute bike safety check.

30 students will be chosen to receive the Bike Safety Checks.

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James (Your Move)

Well done Danielle on securing this funding 🤩! You have earned 40 points for applying for and winning this grant and for sharing with us how you are going to use it. Another 30 well-oiled velos on the street has to be a good thing!

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