Bike Safety Unit- Year 4

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

As part of the health curriculum in term 3 the year 4s looked at bike safety.

Over the term they covered road rules, the benefits of wearing a helmet when riding, the reasons why injuries occur and different active transport options.

As an assessment which will contribute towards their health report grade the students had to create a poster advertising one of the aspects they covered over the term.

On completion of their poster they had to reflect and answer 3 questions. 1. What bicycle safety message is your poster promoting? 2. Why is that message important? 3. What age group is your poster aimed towards and why.

As you can see there are were some great posters created with some awesome messages.

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James (Your Move)

There are some really impressive posters there Danielle - you must be pretty happy with your year 4s' efforts. I have given you 15 points for the classroom activity, plus 10 points for your clear outline.

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