Car Park Safety

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Honeywood Primary school is a new school that has only been opened for 2 years from PP-Year 6.

Parents are encouraged to walk their children to school, however one of the entrances into the school involved students and their parents walking up a ramp without a footpath. This was extremely dangerous as this ramp was also used for parents to drive up to access a school car park.

The Principal discussed this safety issue with many representatives from different departments and thankfully the department of education agreed to make improvements.

The improvements included a separate ramp for pedestrians and two concrete paths to make accessing the school easier.

The school newsletter was used to advertise the improvements and remind parents/ guardians about car park rules.

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James (Your Move)

Good to hear DoE was responsive to your needs and that pedestrian access to the school has been improved. It is often lots of little (or not so little!) barriers like this that result in suppressing active travel, so well done in tackling this one.

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