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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Honeywood Primary School is in a relative new area that is constantly developing.

Due to this sporting clubs have not been established in the area.

To overcome this, utilise our school facilities and engage a readily captive audience we have worked hard to encourage clubs to commence their sports on our school grounds after school.

A survey was created by the school to see if students would be interested in a basketball club taking place after school.

Due to the high response which was also passed onto the club Basketball is now available after school every Monday.

Tuesdays we have tennis available after school for our students.

Wednesdays we have Net Set Go (Netball Club).

The parents have not missed out as we have adult fitness classes Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before school and Extreme Hip Hop classes Friday Night.

The community have welcomed the additional sporting activities that can be accessed before and after school and they are proving to be very popular.

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James (Your Move)

Having been an urban planner back in the day - I really like this efficient use of resources 😊. Thanks for sharing - as per my comments on your Kilometre Club story, unfortunately I can't give you any bonus points though.

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