Constable Care Safety School

Leah Wakenshaw
Honeywood Primary School

During February all students from Year 1 to 6 attended the Constable Care Road Safety School. We used a reward from Your Move to help with costs and all students learned more about road rules, how to fit their helmets correctly and follow the road rules. Parents were invited to be helpers and they had a lot of fun being slow pedestrians and pressing the button to make the train gates come down!

We have already seen an improvement in student's riding at school during 'Wheels on Wednesday', particularly with students stopping at the cross walks and wearing their helmets correctly.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back to YM for 2020 Danielle! Great to hear that you cashed in some YM points to help the kids get out to the amazing Constable Care Safety School - and you have earned another 50 points doing so! It was good you also slipped in that bit about Wheels on Wednesday too - as continuing your regular active travel day this term has earned you 90 points too! Great to hear that the CC excursion has had a visible effect on students' road safety practices during your WoW sessions.

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