Cross Curricular Unit based on 'Wheels on Wednesday"

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

A year one classroom teacher at Honeywood created a cross-curricular unit based around the "Wheels on Wednesday" initiative.

The theme was on how to make "Wheels on Wednesday" safer for the Honeywood School Community.

The ideas were linked to Maths, Science,English, HASS and the Arts.

In Maths: Statistics & Probability (Data Representation & Interpretation)-Investigate the popular modes of transport for Wheels on Wednesday

Science: Science Understanding (Biological science)- Investigating what we need to do in order to maintain the needs of the ‘living things’ surrounding our bike paths.

English: Literacy, Literature (Creating Texts, Use of Software, Purpose & Audience, Speaking & Listening) Persuasive/informative/procedural texts – e.g bilingual posters to show safe crossing, persuasive posters to encourage involvement, steps on how to cross a road safely…

HASS: History (Similarities & differences between students lives & life during their parents/grandparents)– Comparing transport options and lack of road signs/road safety; Geography (Natural, managed and constructed features or places)-What does a safe bike path look like and involve

The Arts: Visual Arts - Creation of visual sign

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James (Your Move)

Thanks for the super level of details you have given for this new cross curricular activity - you earned 15 points for the activity itself, plus a bonus of 20 points for really spelling it out for us. What other language did you use for the bilingual resources? Has the whole school done this activity or is it targetted at a particular age group?

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The whole activity was for all the year 1 classes.

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Fantastic activity! Here at Your Move we are looking for ways to link more to safety through our program. This is a great idea that I will be sure to look at in greater detail. Thanks for sharing.

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