Dress Up Your Bike Day at Honeywood

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

To encourage students to ride to school it was advertised through Connect to parents and over the PA to students that they could dress up their bike.

Students could ride their bikes during first and second break as part of "Wheels on Wednesday".

Numbers were decreasing in the amount of students participating in "Wheels on Wednesday" so the initiative of dressing up your bike was introduced.

The initiative was successful as we had a huge increase in students participating in "Wheels on Wednesday".

A spot prize was given to one student who dressed up their bike.

Photos of the students and their dressed up bikes were sent home via Connect for all parents to see, which again will promote "Wheels on Wednesday"

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James (Your Move)

Those photos really capture what a successful initiative this was Danielle. Clearly an effective way to boost numbers. You received 20 points by linking the story to the "Dress up your bike day" activity.

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