Dress Up Your Bike Day / Registering bikes on Bikelinc

Danielle Howton

What a great day!!

Today we saw many students riding to school with their amazing "dressed up bikes". It was fantastic to see so many parents supporting the event and so many happy, excited students.

When the students arrived at school they got to ride down the red carpet and choose a piece of fruit and a juice box.

Families that had registered their bikes on Bikelinc had the extra bonus of choosing from one of the amazing prizes- bike bumps, bike bells, water bottles, bike locks, knee and elbow pads, bike baskets and sunglasses.

Parents were given information packs with lots of important information about bike, home and road safety.

After choosing a prize students made their way over to one of the two photo booths and had a photo taken with their bike. The students got to keep the photo as a memory of their great efforts dressing up their bike and registering their bike on Bikelinc.

To thank parents for their support they could get a free coffee from the coffee van.

It was such a successful event. Approximately 150 families signed up on Bikelinc. Bikelinc allows any recovered stolen bikes to be returned to their rightful owners.

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James (Your Move)

I bet the kids couldn't believe the red carpet treatment! Great event Danielle 😊 - excellent that you got so many kids riding and also so many signed up to Bikelinc. You have earned 40 points for your event, plus 20 points for sharing a detailed and engaging story.

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